Editor’s note: Our partners at Infopoint Agency and Jnomics media launched a project aimed at connecting responsible brands with high-quality media in Central and Eastern Europe. A key goal is to help Ukrainian media struggling with the impact of the way. Want to learn more? Write to sales@infopoint.agency.

An international ‘Infopoint agency’ project has been launched in Ukraine and Belarus, bringing together the two countries’ national independent digital media for their financial stability through business partnerships.

Mariia Leonova, Chief Operating Officer of the project, [Editor’s note – full disclosure, Mariia is also working as Project Manager at The Fix] said, “Infopoint is not a classic sales house or advertising agency. It is rather a service of quality partnerships, where there is no place for oligarchic media and pro-Russian businesses. We will make sure that our media receive decent revenues and that the best businesses can be matched with the media with a critical audience”.

The project’s media partners include some of the biggest Ukrainian digital media such as The Kyiv Independent, Ukrainska Pravda, Hromadske, Ukrainer, Babel, and The Village Ukraine as well as some of the biggest independent Belarusian media such as KYKY.org, The Village Belarus (currently working in exile).

The main goal of the project is to become a stable source of commercial income for the media, presenting their opportunities in domestic markets and also in Europe and the United States. These include content sponsorship, native and direct advertising, as well as production services.

“We need independent journalism now more than ever. And these media are the voice of the democratic world. That is why we need to support and talk about them, including in the format of media partnerships with businesses”, said Leonova.

The founders of the project are British media consulting company Jnomics and the Infopoint Network, the Belarusian association of independent media.

Since Russia openly invaded Ukraine, the Jnomics team, as part of an international consortium together with The Fix Media, Media Development Foundation and Are We Europe, has been assisting Ukrainian media in various areas: crowdfunding, fundraising, relocation, and delivery of bulletproof vests and other equipment. Commercial support under this project is one way to help the media market. The team publicly reports on its activities here.