Hi, we are FatChilli

We strongly believe that without independent media & journalism there is no freedom. That’s why we gladly said YES when our friends from The Fix decided to redesign their trade magazine for media professionals with a strong digital background. 

That’s what we do – we support media all over the world with sustainable technologies. We help them to be prepared for a constant change, encourage them to experiment and offer insights from the world of e-commerce and B2B tech. We believe this is the way for sustainability. 

FatChilli stands with Ukraine

These days we are utterly shocked and saddened by the aggressive war happening in Ukraine. As a company working with independent journalists, we all really value objective reporting of the Ukrainian media outlets on this horrible situation and we can’t even imagine how hard it must be for the reporters.

We at FatChilli would like to support the journalists in Ukraine and offer our services. We can implement ad technology for programmatic advertising at any Ukrainian media that is interested completely free of charge and give up on our revenue share. This means that all earnings from the advertising will stay at the media outlet and bring them additional finances, which they need at this moment.For more info please contact us at ukraine@fatchillimedia.com.

About The Fix’s Website

When designing The Fix website, we always think of YOU in the first place, dear reader. 

We have focused on YOUR reading experience, on making it easy for you to quickly get valuable insights crafted and shared by The Fix team. We have made the website fast, easy to read on any device, accessible and also beautiful, we believe 🙂

In our views websites shouldn’t be divided into “done” or “not-done”, but rather into “launched” or “not-launched”. That’s why we are going to continuously work on The Fix website and improve it.

We would highly appreciate your feedback, notes or ideas on how to make The Fix even better for you. If you’d like to participate, send us an email to thefix@fatchillimedia.com.

Tomas Veress (Project Lead)

How can FatChilli help YOUR media outlet grow?

We’re a one-stop shop for publishers, which in other words means

  • Help you craft your digital strategy
  • Recommend a proper technological stack suited for your case
  • Integrate reader’s engagement and monetization platform
  • Develop custom tools or integrate existing ones to squeeze the maximum out of your readers base
  • Monetize your audience with programmatic advertising (as a Google Certified Publishing partner)
  • Design and develop your website with superpowers pointed to a direct relationship with your readers (like we did for Dennik N and their service MNT.sk)
  • Help you understand your audience behavior and act upon it via data analytics

By the way, we are trying to share what we have learned on our journey. Have a look at our blog or subscribe to our newsletter to stay updated.