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Cracking the media management puzzle through insights, solutions and data.

News media is going through a massive transformation. The Grand Restructuring of Advertising Revenue has left many publications vulnerable, and the effects can be felt around the world.

We want to be part of the solution. The Fix, if you will. We aim to be a trade magazine for media professionals. This is a paper for us, and about us.

While the great disruption in media is global, the story is different in each part of the world. The Fix is based in Europe and has an international focus. We believe that our motley, multiethnic and polyglot region has specific problems to solve – especially compared to relatively homogeneous societies of the US or even China – and thus also needs specific solutions.

Language can be a barrier to spreading successful templates and industry best practices – one which we hope to break down with the help of our diverse network of contributors, journalists and experts. Our lingua franca is English although native speakers in our team are a minority (just like Europe).

We believe the transformation of our industry is so fundamental that in many ways we need to rethink solutions from scratch. In order to get the best ideas, we need to look across our business – giving voices not just editors but also photojournalists, engineers, or product managers. But we are also interested in the insights we can glean from other industries and how they can improve our work.

Our stories aim to shed light on the media itself, the business practices and economic trends. To break down the success stories and understand what we can learn from the failures. But first and foremost, elevate the discourse around media to an evidence-based, reasoned level.



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Jakub Parusinski, Co-founder and Business Editor

Jakub’s background combines journalism, media management and strategy consulting. He wrote for the Financial Times and the Economist and managed the Kyiv Post as CEO in 2013-2014. After an MBA at INSEAD, Jakub worked at McKinsey in London on digital strategy and transformation. In 2019 he founded Jnomics Media consultancy.

Contact Jakub: jakub.parusinski@gmail.com

Daryna Shevchenko, Co-founder, Visiting Editor

Daryna has over 10 years experience as a media manager, journalist, editor, media trainer and media consultant with the focus on media education, HR, fundraising, monetisation, and strategic and operational management. For 6 years Daryna worked as a newsfeed editor and journalist for Ukraine’s leading English-language newspaper Kyiv Post. 

Contact Daryna: shevchenko.mdf@gmail.com

Zakhar Protsiuk, Co-founder, Managing Editor

Zakhar is a Managing Editor at The Fix. Zakhar has helped 15+ European publishers launch new products, improve distribution and social media strategy, and transform their organizations.

Contact Zakhar: zprotsiuk@jnomics.media

Anton Protsiuk, Senior Editor

Anton is a senior editor at The Fix, media analyst, and nonprofit manager. He coordinates programs at “Wikimedia Ukraine”, a nonprofit supporting Wikipedia in Ukraine. Anton has also been a volunteer Wikipedia editor and an administrator of its Ukrainian-language edition for a decade. He has written about media, technology, and politics for various Ukrainian and European outlets, including The Fix Media, Ukrayinska Pravda, MediaLab, Detector Media, and Bird in Flight.

Contact Anton: anton@thefix.media

Anastasiia Shevchenko,


Anastasiia is a media analyst focused on disinformation, partisan media, and media literacy. Before joining The Fix, she worked as a communications manager, fact-checker and media researcher. Anastasiia has also been a Fulbright Fellow, doing research on information wars at the University of Kansas.

Contact Anastasiia: ashevchenko@jnomics.media

Glenn Kates, Visiting Editor

Glenn is the ex-managing editor for digital at Current Time, and a NYT Alfa Fellow. He created and led EE’s first distributed content model news team and delivered a mobile video strategy that drove 40M+ views/month for news products. He focuses on digital storytelling and podcast production

Contact Glenn: glenn.kates@gmail.com

Emma Löfgren, Contributor

Emma Löfgren is a senior digital news editor who believes journalism can help people find their place in the world. She works for The Local, covering Europe’s news in English for foreign professionals, and also does public speaking and mentoring. Her main interests are solutions journalism, community building, editorial branding and membership strategy.

Contact Emma: emma@emmalofgren.net

Hleb Liapeika, Contributor

Hleb Liapeika has a working background in educational civil society organisations and numerous Belarusian outlets, reporting on topics such as police brutality, protests, and the pandemic. His interests include urban issues, media formats, and media business models.

Contact Hleb: glepeyko@gmail.com

Alberto Puliafito, Contributor

Alberto Puliafito, journalist, director, producer. He deals with offline and online content and their distribution. He has been working in digital since 2004. He is a trainer for journalists; he works as an analyst and consultant for innovation, enhancement of content, creation of complex strategies with an holistic approach through Supercerchio, a design studio he co-founded with Valerio Bassan. Alberto deals with SEO and social media, content marketing. newsletter, and community management. In 2007 he co-founded the independent production company IK Produzioni. He is Slow News’ Editor-in-chief.

Contact Alberto: albertopuliafito@gmail.com

Dávid Tvrdoň, Contributor

David Tvrdon is a news product manager and podcast producer at SME.sk in Slovakia. He previously worked as a tech and media journalist, newsletter editor, and social media manager, and won the innovation in journalism award.

Contact David: d.tvrdon@gmail.com

Sofiia Padalko, Contributor

Sofiia is a product development specialist at Vogue Polska, responsible for commercial projects and content promotion online. Previously she worked as a project manager in online market research companies – Gemius and iSlay. Media product development and online industry trends are the main subjects of her interest.

Contact Sofiia: sofiapadalko@gmail.com

Csaba Galffy, Co-founder

Csaba is a seasoned journalist, covering the intersection of economics, policy and technology for influential trade magazines. Currently based in Budapest and Berlin, he keeps the team focused on the most important stories in media and journalism.