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Why we exist?

If you are reading this, you are probably keenly aware: media is in crisis. The Fix humbly comes forward to try to bridge problems and offer an understanding of European media: the crisis we’re facing and the sources of our problems

Media love to call themselves independent. It doesn’t mean much (but neither do most other media slogans)

Ask journalists anywhere what sets their media apart and more likely than not you’ll run into a variation on one of the following answers.

Investigative Journalism: A Charity Case

Investigative journalism is probably among the most expensive ones in the industry. Deeper investigations last for years and even shorter projects take months to complete. These projects obviously need a huge investment by the publisher, with the return not immediately apparent: the impact may be delayed, the outcome may fail to materialise.

Operating models for investigative media: 4 paths to success

It’s on the complex end of the journalism spectrum. Investigative journalism is expensive, turns out few stories, is wildly unpredictable and often targets a niche audience. It’s fiendishly tricky to monetize.