Journalists love writing about other journalists. From NiemanLab to The Fix, there are many interesting media outlets covering the media sphere – and a few great newsletters is perhaps the best way to stay on top of most interesting stories. 

The Fix has compiled a list of six best media newsletters to follow – along with an example of one worthwhile piece from each newsletter you should check out. 

Surely, this list is not exhaustive, and there are other top media newsletters to follow. We tried to balance newsletters covering different topics, while focusing on media business and media management – and include a few non-obvious choices. 

Axios Media Trends

Founded five years ago, Axios built a successful news outlet thanks to its signature short-form style – brief, matter-of-fact articles with heavy use of bullet points – and its bet on newsletters.

Axios’s veteran media reporter Sara Fischer leads its weekly media newsletter. Focusing on the US media industry, Axios Media Trends is known for frequent scoops, as well as data analysis.

Future of Journalism by the Reuters Institute

The Reuters Institute for the Study of Journalism, one the most prominent media research centres, publishes a weekly newsletter “exploring the future of journalism worldwide”.

The newsletter comes out on Tuesday and features key highlights of the Reuters Institute’s research, as well as a selection of reading recommendations from other sources.

The Rebooting

The Rebooting is a weekly newsletter by Brian Morrissey, media expert and former president and editor-in-chief of Digiday. His project, which is paired with a weekly podcast, focuses on “building sustainable media businesses.”

Apart from his own perspective, Morrissey frequently shares insights from top media managers – from Morning Brew’s CEO Austin Rief to Ukrayinska Pravda’s executive director Andrey Boborykin.


RQ1 is a monthly newsletter summarising the most interesting recent research on journalism and media. It’s written by Mark Coddington and Seth Lewis, American journalists-turned-academics.

Each edition includes a deep dive into one research paper and a roundup of several others. “Our goal is to give you each month a brief but meaningful overview of a key piece of research from the past month, and also to point you to a rundown on other important work you might want to check out,” the authors write.

Media Voices

The Media Roundup from Media Voices is a convenient way to quickly catch up on most important stories – the newsletter offers a daily selection of four noteworthy articles for media and publishing professionals.

Media Voices is also a podcast devoted to news media, featuring interviews with the industry’s leading figures like Twitch’s Creative Strategy Lead Jack Woodcock or Director of the Reuters Institute Rasmus Kleis Nielsen.

The Fix Media

You are reading our newsletter, aren’t you?

The Fix’s mission is cracking the media management puzzle through insights, solutions and data. Recently, we reported on the Hungarian podcasting market, interviewed the CEO of Ukraine’s public broadcaster, looked at the revenue model of Sweden’s largest media house, and dived deep into the latest Digital News Report. 

The most reliable way to stay updated on our coverage is reading the weekly newsletter. Every Monday morning, we bring a roundup of The Fix’s pieces throughout the week, as well as industry news, grant opportunities and job offers for the media community, and more.