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Since Thursday morning Ukraine has faced unprecedented, devastating Russian attacks. Both the country and it’s independent media have been fighting back with extraordinary courage. 

Ukrainian outlets are working around the clock to bring truth and objective information while at the same time dealing with extreme logistical and operational challenges: moving non-essential staff away from active battle theaters, organizing critical supplies, dealing with attacks on physical and tech infrastructure… 

The Fix has deep roots in Ukraine. Our co-founder Daryna Shevchenko, is currently the CEO of the Kyiv Independent and currently in Kyiv. A second co-founder, Jakub Parusinski, is the former CEO of the Kyiv Post. Our managing editor Zakhar Protsiuk is Ukrainian, as are several contributors and team members.

As a result publishers from across Europe – including Axel Springer, Bonnier News, Gazeta Wyborcza, Dennik N, The Local, Dagens Nyheter, Outriders, 15 min, Sifted to name but a few – have been reaching out with offers of support.

We are already working with many of them to deliver financial, operational and technical support to our Ukrainian colleagues.

Following the initiative of our colleagues at Sifted, who are donating 50% of this week’s membership revenues to the Kyiv Independent, we appeal to all our colleagues in the media space to reach out if they can help as part of a #OneWeekToUkraine campaign.

You can help directly by donating to the fundraiser we’ve set up to keep Ukraine’s media going and/ or sharing it on your platforms.

If you can provide other, including non-monetary, help (e.g. security equipment, logistical assistance), please contact us at  newsroom@thefix.media.

We are coordinating with several dozen national and regional media outlets, including Ukrainska Pravda, Ukrainer, Liga.net and The Kyiv Independent. Support is allocated based on urgency of needs in the first place, then distributed proportionally.

As of early Sunday, generous patrons contributed around £82,000 – but we still need £68,000 to meet our initial goal, and likely more than that in the future. 

This campaign is run by a consortium of The Fix, Are We Europe, Jnomics and Media Development Foundation, as well as a growing list of media partners from across Europe.

Photo by Samuel Jerónimo on Unsplash