Ukraine has been facing an unprecedented attack by Russia. Truth and objective information are important as ever. 

The Fix, together with Ukrainian NGO ‘Media Development Foundation’, the Netherlands’ ‘Are we Europe’ and media partners around Europe are launching a global fundraising campaign to keep Ukrainian media going.

So far we are representing more than 10 national and regional media outlets, including Ukrainska Pravda, Ukrainer, and Kyiv Independent. All of them are covering news about Russia’s war in Ukraine around the clock – keeping the world informed.

The main needs for Ukrainian journalists now are:

  • Security equipment (first-aid kits, helmets, body armors etc)
  • Support in moving part of their operations abroad to continue working
  • Logistical support – to move around or in-and-out of the country
  • Operational funds for ongoing work

If you can help Ukrainian media with equipment or emergency funds reach out to us at,,,, and enter your details. Also, here we have launched global crowdfunding — you can donate here. Any amount of support is appreciated.