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This episode of the Media Insider podcast by The Fix is a collaboration and kind of an experiment with Journalism.co.uk. Together with senior report Jacob Granger we sat down and discussed some of the biggest media stories in 2021.

Hybrid workplace and newsrooms

The impact of the pandemic had a vast impact on many industries and news media was not immune to it as well.

How has covid continued to affect the media industry? How did newsrooms adapt to a hybrid workplace and how did it change the dynamics within?

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Subscriptions, memberships and newsletters

A few weeks back we published The year 2021 in subscriptions and memberships where we highlighted the biggest stories and developments with subscriptions, memberships and newsletters in their core.

In 2021, the growth continued, compared to 2020 it slowed down but compared to the time before the pandemic it has picked up pace. This year also smaller and medium-sized newsrooms have seen more success with reader revenue.

Also, there are so many tools available to start a new newsroom from scratch than there were before it almost just a question of how much journalists believe their journalism can stand out and don’t have to think about all the technical questions.

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The rise of audio and paid podcasting

More websites have started to include an audio player in articles providing the readers with an option to listen to the text instead of reading, we will see this trend to continue in 2022 and reach also smaller news websites.

If anyone in the future will be looking back at the point paid podcasting went mainstream, 2021 will be the big milestone in history as both Apple Podcasts and Spotify introduced tools for podcasters to go directly after audience revenue.

This year we have also seen the hype behind Clubhouse, the live audio social network that inspired the biggest social media players out there to add a similar feature. 

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Other topics from the podcast: revenue diversification, trust and what will 2022 bring:

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