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For better or worse, Twitter plays an outsize role in the media. It’s far from being the most popular social network, but the platform is especially influential in journalism. 

That’s why a slate of Twitter’s new updates is particularly relevant for journalists.

Two weeks ago, the company announced the launch of Super Follows – a way for content creators, including journalists, to monetise content by putting some tweets behind a paywall. It’s still in testing and only available in a few countries, but a broader release will follow.

Newsrooms are yet to figure out how to use Super Follows (and whether to allow individual reporters to use them). So it’s worth keeping an eye on early efforts as the feature is being rolled out more widely.

Last week, we saw the launch of Twitter Communities, invite-only groups for people who share specific interests, “a mix of Facebook Groups and Reddit” in The Verge’s description. While the feature is being tested, Twitter reviews all applications for new communities.

As The Verge notes, “if Twitter [eventually] lets anyone create and easily promote their own Communities, the feature could make the app more compelling for casual users who haven’t put in the effort to heavily curate their main timeline”.

To help you keep track of these and other Twitter updates publishers should be aware of, we at The Fix prepared a listicle – be sure to check it.

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