TikTok has begun testing two major updates: recruitment and in-app shopping. The platform is best known for its engaging video content that has won over more than a billion. At first focused on working with brands via a classical ad model, it is now setting more ambitious goals. 

TikTok’s job hunting and in-app shopping are two new services being beta tested at present. The idea is to enter both new areas while leveraging the TikTok style live video formats and hashtags. 

The new update will allow recruiters to post vacancies for “primarily entry level jobs. In turn, people will be able to show their skills via short TikTok video resumes, a sort of elevator pitch. In response to the possible update, the platform is already flooded with the professional coaching and tips for elevating the resume and getting the dream job. 

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In-app shopping is yet another opportunity TikTok is looking into. Allegedly, the company is already running a test of a new feature in the U.K. and Southeast Asia. TikTok aims to dive into e-commerce, but will focus on advertising products and will not deal with the sales itself, leaving product owners in charge of transactions. 

This is not exactly TikTok’s first step in this direction. The company has previously dabbled in affiliate product linking. It also has partnerships with Walmart and Shopify that connected them to TikTok users (but fell short of in-app shopping). 

According to the company’s post:

‘Now, TikTok is ready to embark on the next phase of its evolution, building on the scale we’ve achieved in such a short period, and using our heritage of entertainment to make the platform more useful to the lives of our users. ‘

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The past year has seen social media platforms in a frenzy to build new business lines or monetization models. Twitter in particular has announced a few moves in recent months, and is implementing new formats, ad-free timelines and paid subscription solutions. 

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Photo by Alexander Shatov on Unsplash