In the age when Twitter takes up a disproportionate amount of journalists’ time and mental resources, podcasting remains one of the few mediums suitable for long, thoughtful conversations online.

There are several million podcasts in the world, and among them there are some great podcasts about media. The Fix has compiled a list of eight best media podcasts to follow – with recommendations for one episode you can start with.

Of course, there are many more top media podcasts out there, and this list is far from exhaustive; we tried to balance different approaches and genres. If you’d like to tell us about your podcast on the media industry, email The Fix at

The Digiday Podcast

Digiday is an online media for publishers and marketing specialists, and its weekly podcast features interviews with media managers, top creators, researchers, and marketing leaders.

The Digiday Podcast is most interesting for covering different financial models of the media business. Recent topics include “how Twitch streamer Blizzb3ar quit his job to become a full-time creator” and “how Slate’s [CRO and president] Charlie Kammerer is prioritizing frequency to boost podcast revenue”. Podcast

UK-based outlet was founded over two decades ago with a goal to cover digital news and how the internet shapes journalism. Its weekly podcast is one of the offerings.

The show speaks with newsroom leaders and media experts. Some of the most interesting episodes cover media innovations, from wearable technology in journalism to mobile-first newsrooms.

Media Voices Podcast

Media Voices offers “a weekly look at all the news and views from across the media world.” The three hosts start each episode with recapping weekly journalism news, followed by an interview with an interesting media thinker or media leader.

The Media Voices team also publishes a newsletter of the same name, providing a daily selection of interesting articles on the topics of journalism and the publishing industry. 

The Rebooting Show

Brian Morrissey, media expert with two decades of experience covering the media industry, hosts a podcast devoted to building and running sustainable media business. 

Paired with Morrissey’s newsletter, the weekly show features interviews with top media managers like Time president Keith Grossman or Protocol president Bennett Richardson, as well as occasional media experts like Axios’ reporter Sara Fischer.

Recode Media

Available to listeners for a price of zero dollars, as host Peter Kafka likes to remind, Recode Media covers the broad topics at the intersection of media, popular culture, and technology.

Sometimes Recode Media brings an interview with a big name, like head of Instagram Adam Mosseri, but our favorite episodes are the ones that dive deep into the nuts and bolts of media management, like an interview with Jessica Lessin of The Information.

The Powers That Be (from Puck)

This one is actually not a media podcast, but it does devote a couple of episodes per week to media.

Launched in 2021, Puck is a US-based outlet that made a bet on the subscription business, based on the strong personalities of its individual journalists who cover America’s power centers – Wall Street, Washington, Silicon Valley, and Hollywood.

Puck’s podcast, The Powers That Be, is daily and is built around discussions of the host Peter Hamby with other Puck’s journalists, including top editor Jon Kelly and media reporter Dylan Byers.

The podcast’s media themes are sometimes too repetitive – the hosts do love to talk about the decline of cable news – but it’s refreshing to sometimes tune out of formal business conversations and listen to some high-quality media gossip.


Longform delivers on its promise of “interviews with writers, journalists, filmmakers, and podcasters about how they do their work” – and does it really well. 

The hosts – the show has three, with each taking turns interviewing guests – get interesting people on the show, ask thoughtful questions, and receive insightful answers. 

Media Insider (The Fix)

We at The Fix also have a podcast! It’s on pause now, but you can listen to the archives and subscribe so you don’t miss our future forays into audio. 

Media Insider dives into the nuts and bolts of media management – product, business models, managing talent and leading organizational change.