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The major Europe-wide publication has been the long-time dream of the media industry professionals. It all started in 1990 when media mogul Robert Maxwell launched ‘The European’ – dubbed Europe’s first national newspaper. It lasted less than 8 years. 

Three decades later, the pursuit of Pan-European media is more alive than ever. Part of the reason is a small but growing European audience, as well as the number of topics with cross-country relevance. But it’s not that easy. Media around the world have historically struggled with managing cost when scaling content and community creation. 

It doesn’t get easier in Europe, as the continent is a kaleidoscope of languages and cultures.

In the new episode of Media Insider, we are talking to the three media managers, who have fought the European media battle, about what does the European audience looks like, what they want and how to go about reaching them. And yes, we’ll even look at Eurovision to see if we have something to learn from it.    

Here are a couple of thoughts from the episode: 

Mick ter Reehorst, Co-founder and Managing Director of Are we Europe & Collective:

“The moment there’s Europe in any title, the interest for people drops 25-30%. They just don’t want to be ready about Europe. What they would read about is a cool thing that happened in Slovakia, or how the Baltics are tackling climate change. “

Paul Ostwald, Co-Founder of Forum.eu: 

“I think this negative view that there’s no audience for European projects is wrong. It’s more the question of reaching them with the right product.”

Paul Salvanès, publisher & co-founder VoxEurop:

“In a way, we are niche media outlets, and we have no other choice than to collaborate with other media outlets. The idea of working together, cross-publishing, syndication of content, translation of each of the other materials is a great way for these projects to scale. It’s clear that if you want to interest the whole European market, cooperation is a great way to accelerate.”

This episode is hosted by The Fix’s editors Jakub Parusinski and Daryna Shevchenko.

Tune in to learn more insider information from the world of media. 


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