The next wave of disruption: Emerging market media use of artificial intelligence and machine learning



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In emerging media markets, many new opportunities are opening for newsrooms to innovate through artificial intelligence and machine learning. Current research, however, rests its focus primarily on larger, wealthier Western newsrooms and fails to address the needs of the vast majority of media from emerging and frontier markets.

The report on AI and Machine Learning in emerging markets aims to fill this research gap. It examines how publishers use varying degrees of AI, ML and Data Processing as part of their core business operations in 20 countries of Latin America, and Central and Eastern Europe.


What you will find in the report:  

  • How media can get into AI and ML;
  • AI- generated stories and automating content production;
  • Problems of finding and retaining talent and potential solutions;
  • Collaboration in multiple formats;
  • Most commonly implemented AI solutions in newsrooms;
  • Deep dive case studies from CEE and Latin America

Report background

The report was jointly prepared by International Media Support (IMS), The Fix, and the Latin American Centre for Investigative Journalism (EL CLIP). The data was collected via deep dive case studies of 44 media outlets and over 33 hours of interviews with experts.

About The Fix

The Fix is a media about media. Working for and with the media management and development communities, The Fix’s mission is cracking the media management puzzle through insights, solutions and data.



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