HR benchmarking report: Ukraine media sector 2021

HR benchmarking report: Ukraine media sector 2021



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HR Benchmarking report title page


HR benchmarking report: Ukraine media sector 2021

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The Fix HR report provides senior media management with important industry data on organization structure, HR practices, performance evaluation, and compensation & non-financial benefits of employees.

Areas covered

Organizational structure

  • Type of employment contracts used (incl. changes in the past 3 years)
  • Split of employees by department (both general and for 50+ FTEs organizations)
  • Management structure (incl. span of control by department)

Salary and compensation

  • Remuneration for key media jobs (incl. management, key editorial positions, specialized and regular journalists, marketing, commercial and SMM)
  • Compensation structure (incl. fixed vs. variable; types of bonuses used)
  • Other compensation-related questions (e.g., journalist engagement in commercial activities)
  • Employee benefits

HR Practices + Response to COVID-19

  • Employee turnover (voluntary vs. involuntary)
  • HR management function (roles and responsibilities)
  • Employee engagement and team development practices
  • Performance management (incl. use of KPIs, OKRs)
  • Also includes a sub-section on how media adapted to COVID-19 from an HR perspective

The idea behind the report.

Media managers lack industry data to inform their decision making. Unlike in other industries, there are no consistent benchmarking intelligence services that can give senior management a sense of where they stand vis-à-vis their competitors.

This is particularly true when it comes to matters of internal organizational structure or HR practices that strongly impact a company’s performance and yet often remain below-the-radar during strategic planning.

The idea of this report is to solve this issue and provide participants with in-depth analysis and benchmarking in such areas as organizational structure, HR practices, working conditions, performance evaluation and compensation, that media managers can use to increase their operational effectiveness and position themselves in a competitive landscape.

Detailed teaser of The Fix HR report is available here.

If you have any questions, please reach out to The Fix Research team at

HR Benchmarking report title page

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