LinkedIn’s more publisher-friendly algorithms offer a chance for media to get their content to new audiences (better than, let’s say, Facebook, which is actively deprioritizing politics and news). But the platform offers more than just distribution – it’s a great place to get new ideas or insights.

If you are working in the European media space and actively using LinkedIn,  you should check out some media thought leaders who are active on the social media platform. The Fix came up with a list of 10 media opinion leaders working in the European media landscape. 

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  1. Alan Hunter is an experienced digital leader and editor working at the intersection of journalism and product, with an interest in organizational transformation. He has worked in The Times and Sunday Times as an editor and head of digital. On LinkedIn Hunter shares updates mostly related to media product thinking.
  1. Katie Vanneck is a co-founder of Tortoise Media, a British start-up publisher focusing on audio products. She has worked in senior management positions at Dow Jones and News UK. Vanneck’s posts offer insights into new approaches to news and storytelling, as well as landmark events and the latest stories from the media industry.
  1. Stig Kirk Ørskov is a vice president of The World Associate of News Publishers and CEO of JP/Politikens Hus. His posts on LinkedIn reflect upon the latest developments, transformations, and events in the domains of media, business, and politics. 
  1. Grzegorz Piechota works as a researcher-in-residence at INMA and is an ex-fellow at Harvard and Oxford universities. Piechota posts relate to technology-enabled disruption patterns across industries, with a focus on business model innovation.
  1. Kristin Skogen Lund is a Group CEO at Schibsted Media Group and the first female President of The European Tech Alliance. You can get updates on media and tech by following her on LinkedIn.
  1. Wolfgang Blau is a visiting research fellow at Reuters Institute, trustee director at the Ellen MacArthur Foundation, and advisor at the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change. His LinkedIn activity focuses on impact metrics in digital media, recent media and political developments in the EU, and the future of climate journalism. 
  1. Steven Van Belleghem is a keynote speaker, author, and entrepreneur based in Belgium. He also co-founded the entrepreneurial thought-leader community Nexxworks. His inputs will give you a better understanding of customer expectations, brand-building,, and revenue growth strategies. 
  1. Nico Lumma is a Managing Partner at Next Media Accelerator. His posts primarily touch upon innovations in the media market, and stories from media and tech start-ups in Europe and beyond.
  1. Johanna Walser works as a chief communications officer at Ringier AG. She systematically shares the latest updates of the company as well as inputs on how Eastern European media companies are evolving and developing. 
  1. Marius Dragomir is a Director of CEU Democracy Institute’s Center for Media, Data and Society. His LinkedIn page will update you on the state of the free press, and media pluralism around the globe. 

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Photo by Souvik Banerjee on Unsplash