[Editor’s note: We are updating our list of Telegram channels on news media. Also, don’t miss The Fix’s Telegram channel, where we bring the latest stories and events in the world of European media.]

Telegram is currently used by more than 500 million people worldwide. More than a messenger app, it is used by many as a microblogging platform and creative outlet. People share ideas, distribute their content, and form more personal relationships with audiences.

For its users, Telegram channels are also an effective tool for monitoring the news. You can get updates on the latest events, tips, opportunities, event announcements and much more. Perhaps best of all, no intrusive ads or distorting algorithms (see Twitter timelines that “jump” just as you’re about to click on an interesting article).

The Fix created a list of the essential Telegram channels that media nerds (like us!) should be following. Here are our top five picks:

1. Splice

Subscribers: 672

Focus: Media startups in Asia

Okay, technically this one is a group, not a channel (so many-to-many, not one-to-many). But we’re still big fans of Splice! 

The group was created by co-founders of Splice Media that covers the Asian media transformation scene and defines itself as “NiemanLab of Asia”. It supports change in the sector, via coverage of forward-looking media startups and connecting journalists.

In the group you can find useful information about the recent media trends, stories of transformation, innovation, user experience, funding media startups, and more. Members can also regularly share updates from their own experiences.

2. Reuters Institute  

Subscribers: 900

Focus: Journalism industry research and innovation 

The Reuters Institute may be the established media think tank player, but it’s keeping up with trends. Its Telegram channel went up in early 2021. 

The channel consists of a daily roundup of news, opportunities, key findings of reports, readings, and podcasts from the world of journalism. Whether you’re looking for the latest news or deep articles and case studies —  you can find all this on this channel.

3. Journalism Festival

Subscribers: 614

Focus: Journalism and innovation

The channel was created in 2016 by the International Journalism Festival, one of the biggest annual media events in Europe.

This channel posts weekly round-ups of the most interesting stories in the media industry around the world: main news, events, articles, and interviews covering press freedom, fact-checking, COVID-19 reporting, climate journalism, engaging strategies, and more.

There are many interesting and useful links to foreign materials about media, which help to understand global trends in the industry. The channel creates a perfect round-up of all the important information from the media world. What can be better in today’s information-overloaded era?

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4. Journalism news

Subscribers: 196

Focus: All things media

Journalism news was created by Journalism.co.uk and posts news, digital tools, and tips for journalists and publishers. 

The channel provides a weekly news briefing on trending topics like media organization, audience growth opportunities and social media presence.

5. JournalismAI

Subscribers: 428

Focus: AI in journalism

JournalismAI is a group (again, like Splice) created to develop a global network of journalists that work at the intersection of journalism and artificial intelligence. Members of the group present new findings, share knowledge, bounce ideas and discuss topics around AI in journalism.

If you are interested in all things tech and don’t want to miss out on the latest AI-journalism  news, it’s the group to subscribe to!

Bonus! TheFix Media

Subscribers: 182

Focus: Transformation of news media, sustainable business models 

A bonus channel we’re big fans of (for obvious reasons).

The Fix is a go-to resource for media professionals looking for research, case studies, deep dive articles and analyses on the European media industry. Recently, we’ve also launched a channel for those who prefer to follow us via Telegram.

The channel consists of top daily articles and big news developments from the region’s media scene. So if you want to know more about European media market – subscribe to The Fix on Telegram!

If there’s another Telegram channel you think we should check out, let us know in the comments or write to newsroom@thefix.media!

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