The Fix is getting a new look!

Actually, we will be rolling out a series of visual and product improvements that should bring a better experience for our community. The change of the logo and refined brand identity is the first and important step.

Before going into the details of the change, let us quickly go back to the philosophy behind The Fix. First started in late-2019 with a soft-launch or pilot, we have been constantly experimenting with different approaches and solutions, running regular surveys and feedback requests to find out what our community liked, or didn’t like, about our work.

We believe this kind of entrepreneurial, perpetual-testing approach is important for media at a time when things are changing faster than ever. It also goes hand in hand with a lean approach to media development. Rather than making big investments before testing the market, media need to be agile – breaking down everything into small features and gradually building up a vision.

When we first launched, our logo and visual identity were not at the top of the priority list. It was more important to validate the editorial concept and build up a core community. With those steps behind us, we can in a sense graduate to the next level.

The new logo is based on the Japanese Kintsugi art form, which uses golden joinery to restore broken pottery or other ceramics. The idea is not just that things can be beautiful despite being broken, but rather that the breakage, pain, and hardship is a part of an object’s identity – something that makes it unique and beautiful.

This message is uniquely fitting for the media, which have been battered and broken over the past two decades. There is no benefit from hiding our fractures. Instead, we should embrace them as part of our history, but rebuild something beautiful with the pieces.

This idea goes back to the very idea around which The Fix was initially launched – that we need to take a proactive approach to rebuilding The Fix. So here we are.

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We have a lot more in store in the coming months, including a revamp of the website and the launch of a unique membership model. But more on that later. Hope you enjoy the new look!