The Fix was created with a mission helping media become stronger and more sustainable in the modern business and technological environment. While we believe that’s important for media themselves, it’s also because without healthy media, society as a whole suffers.

Studies show how the disappearance of local media devastates local politics – increasing corruption and mismanagement. On the national and global scale disinformation and declining media literacy make it much harder to address urgent social problems, like inequality or climate change. 

To put it simply, without fixing the media, fixing other social problems becomes much more expensive, and perhaps worse, time-consuming. Meanwhile, the intensity and scale of climate-change related disasters (of which the Australian fires are but the latest case) continues to increase. Time is running short.

As a result, we believe in putting forward the case for social impact investing in media, and understanding media through the prism of the wider social impact. What follows is that we should learn from other industries in creating entrepreneurial solutions, finding ways to ascribe value to publicly valuable goals, and direct funding 

Great progress has been made in such areas as renewable energy, cleaning up the oceans, making education more accessible. We need to do the same for media. 

That’s why we are proud to partner with Change NOW – the biggest social impact gathering on the planet. Change NOW is an entrepreneurial, solutions-focused movement seeking to deliver positive impact with viable and scalable business models.

To launch the discussion, we will be hosting a panel at the upcoming Change NOW conference in Paris on January  30 – February 1 (please do come – tickets can be booked here) to diagnose the issues and more importantly explore solutions on how media can help address the 21st centuries most pressing problems.

Come join us and help fix the world by fixing the media!