Last year we embarked on something of an experiment. Our hypothesis – Europe’s journalism scene needs its own platform to shed light on under-reported stories, share new trends and innovations, and debate ideas. 

So, trying to follow the best entrepreneurial practices, we launched an MVP to see what people would say. We were thrilled to get lots of positive feedback and messages of support. 

After taking some time to reflect, we are pleased to announce we are back with some ambitious ideas for 2020!

The first two big announcements: 

  1. We will be issuing a bi-weekly (that’s twice a month) newsletter with updates from the world of European journalism
  2. We’re partnering with ChangeNOW – the biggest social impact gathering in the world – to cover how the media challenges intersect with addressing some of the most pressing social issues (read more here)

Lots more Other things what you can expect from The Fix in 2020: 

  • Explorations of the big trends and innovations that are shaking things up
  • Deep dives on the movers and shakers – from both established media and the newcomers challenging the industry’s status quo
  • Looking past the media bubble to see what our industry can learn from others, but also where our work impacts others 
  • Lots of insightful, controversial and fun opinion pieces (email your ideas at

Importantly, we are also pleased to announce that Open Society Foundations has agreed to support us in this endeavor!!! This is part of our growth strategy for the next couple of years, which we hope will transition into more direct support from readers.

In the meantime, subscribe to our newsletter (register here) and follow us on social media (Facebook and Twitter). Most importantly, let us know if you have a story to tell or a question that has been bothering you. 

The goal of The Fix is to be a platform for all, so do get involved. 

Happy 2020!